What is the cost of hiring a skip?

What is the cost of hiring a skip?

Skip hire can be pretty intimidating for those who have never previously done it, with the jargon that is frequently used in this industry sometimes acting as a bar to novices.

One of the big questions that many people have on the subject of hiring a skip is what it costs, which – of course – depends greatly on such factors as the size of the skip, for how long you wish to hire it and the company from which it is hired.

Carefully consider your skip hire options

While a quick Google search for ‘skip hire’ may leave you with the impression that there are a lot of nationwide firms offering this service, many of these are actually just waste management companies and skip brokers that don’t operate skip lorries themselves, instead subcontracting the job to a skip provider closer to you.

This is an important detail given that it can add significantly to the price that you ultimately pay, which includes the cost of actually hiring the skip as well as ‘admin’ costs of typically £20 to £40.

Then, there are the skip lead generators that auction out customer enquiries for local skip hire firms to bid on, and price comparison sites where you can look at the rates and coverage areas of various local skip companies side-by-side.

Size and time both make a big difference

There is a wide range of sizes in which you can hire a skip, with the industry still generally using cubic yards rather than a metric system. The typical size of a skip that you see on the street is six or eight cubic yards, with one cubic yard being one yard (three feet or 0.92 metres) deep, high and wide.

One cubic yard provides roughly enough space for one upright fridge freezer or two standard washing machines or dishwashers. The bigger the skip that you hire, the cheaper it will be per cubic yard, but to avoid wasting money, you will need to ensure you use that skip to full capacity.

Obviously, you will also pay more for a skip the longer you hire it for – one or two weeks is typical. If you intend to place the skip on a street, you will also need to consider for how long your skip permit is valid, as well as the cost of any parking suspension.

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While you can typically expect to pay well in excess of £200 for an eight yard ‘builder’s skip’, you have lots of options for disposing of your waste as a business based in London or nearby.

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